The Duplo Six Brick system is aimed at helping your child develop various life skills from a young age - and we are not just talking about colouring in the lines!

Date: 22/04/2016

 Image: Lego Foundation

Imagine that you have six Lego Duplo blocks. How many possible combinations could you put these 6 pieces together: Ten? Twenty? Hundred? Maybe a thousand? It turns out, even Lego's estimate of 103 million possible combinations were a few digits shy of the answer. The humble Lego brick, or rather - six standard eight-studded units of them - can be combined in 915,103,765 ways. Yes, you read that right.



With so many possibilities, the Six Brick system helps children innovate and problem solve, while honing their communication skills in collaborating with their playmates. Activities are geared for both teachers and parents and include handy guides such as the number of children ideally suited to each activity, as well as how long the activity is likely to take. Essential for those class scheduling sessions!

Image: Lego Foundation

Eager to give it a try? The Lego Foundation shares some of their educational magic online, as either the Six Bricks Booklet or the handy Six Bricks Workshop activity cards, perfect for home or the classroom.

Why not give it a try? At the very least, you will help ignite their thoughts and get a head start on those much needed life skills. All geniuses have to start somewhere!

Image: Lego Foundation

Written by: Pops Toys
Date: 22 April 2016

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